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OR-DEA-3 | DEA using MS Excel | Data Envelopment Analysis | Efficiency F...

The Excel files used in this video as examples and their solutions can be downloaded from the links below. 
1. 1-input 3-output 2-DMUs
2. 1-input 3-output 2-DMUs Solution
3. 1-input 3-output 4-DMUs
4. 1-input 3-output 4-DMUs Solution

The link for DEA solver Learning Version 8 that was used for making this tutorial is (the download link is working on the date(09/09/2019) of upload of the video)

Please note that I do not hold copyrights over the software and it has been used here only for educational purposes. If anyone intends to use it for professional purposes then they may contact the creator of the add-in