Evolution of Production and Operations Management (History of POM)

Second video in this series talks about Evolution of Production and Operations Management. Evolution of POM can be divided into four stages where they can be classified on the basis of the focus of businesses in respective eras viz. 
1. Production Focus (late 1700s to late 1800s) 
          *Division of labor (Adam Smith 1776; Charles Babbage 1852)
          *Standardized parts (Whitney 1800) 
2. Cost Focus (late 1800s to late 1900s) 
          *Scientific Management (Taylor 1881) 
          *Assembly line (Ford/ Sorenson 1913) 
          *Gantt charts (Gantt 1916) 
          *Motion study (Frank and Lillian Gilbreth 1922) 
          *Quality control (Shewhart 1924; Deming 1950) 
          *First Digital Computer (Atanasoff 1938) 
          *CPM/PERT (DuPont 1957, Navy 1958) 
          *Material requirements planning (Orlicky 1960) 
          *Computer aided design (CAD 1970) 
          *Flexible manufacturing system (FMS 1975) 
3. Quality Focus (1970s to late 1990s) 
          *Baldrige Quality Awards (1980) 
          *Computer integrated manufacturing (1990) 
          *Globalization (1992) 
4. Customization Focus (1990s to present day) 
          *Internet (1995) 
          *Mass Customization (2000s)
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