Binomial(Bernoulli's) Distribution

This is the first video in series of videos on Probability Distributions. In this video we talk about Binomial Distribution(Bernoulli's) . We also take up a few practice questions given below.

Q1. Assuming that half the population of a locality is fond of viewing a popular T.V. serial and if 1024 investigators can take a sample of 10 individuals each to see whether they view the serial, how many investigators would you expect to report that three persons or less view this serial?

Q2. In a binomial distribution with 6 independent trials, the probabilities of 3 and 4 successes are found to be 0.2457 and 0.0819 respectively. Find the parameter ‘p’ of the Binomial distribution.

Q3. How many tosses of a coin are needed so that the probability of getting at least one head is 87.5%

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