Production and Operation Management

This is Syllabus of Production and Operation Management as prescribed by Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner.

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Unit- I

Introduction to Production Management: Introduction; History of Production and Operations Management; Definitions of Production Management; Production Process; Production: The Heart of an Organization; Objectives of Production Management; Scope of Production Management. location and layout. Forecasting: Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques of Forecasting.

Unit- II

Production Planning and Control: Nature of Production Planning and Control (PPC): Types of Plans, Elements of Production Planning, Strategy of Production Planning, Aggregate Planning; Main Functions of Production Planning and Control (PPC): Master Production Schedule (MPS); MRP-I and MRP-II. Line balancing.

Unit- III

Project Analysis: PERT/CPM: Programme Evaluation Research Task (PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM): Principles of Network Construction, Time Aspect of Projects, Crashing of a Project.

Unit- IV

Classification, role of inventory in supply chain, inventory costs, Economic order quantity (EOQ), Economic batch quantity (EBQ) and Quantity discount model. Lead time, Reorder Point, concept of service level and safety stock, Selective inventory control systems. Importance of Maintenance, Breakdown, Preventive TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)


Work Study: Work Study as a Science, Work Study and Productivity, Outline Process Chart, Importance of Work Study; Method Study: Definition, Objectives and Procedure: Objectives of Method Study, Method Study Procedure, Therbligs; Work Measurement: Objectives of Work Measurement, Techniques of Work Measurement, Time Study, Work Sampling.

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